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The Call to Love

Luke 10:25-28

SPEAKER: Rev. John Miller


DATE: 03 February 2019


DESCRIPTION: The Great Commandments present God’s call to a radical love for God and our neighbour

The Scope of Love

Luke 10:25-33

SPEAKER: Rev. John Miller


DATE: 10 February 2019


DESCRIPTION: Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan shows that our ‘neighbour’ is anyone who needs our help.

The Source of Love

Luke 10:25-37

SPEAKER: Rev. John Miller


DATE: 17 February 2019


DESCRIPTION: Jesus’ parable reveals the power to love comes not from rules, but from experiencing the way Jesus acted as a neighbour to us.

The Practice of Love

Luke 10:33-37

SPEAKER: Rev. John Miller


DATE: 24 February 2019


DESCRIPTION: Jesus’ story shows that loving our neighbour involves meeting the whole range of people’s needs.

Seeking the Lost

Luke 15:1-10

SPEAKER: Rev. John Miller


DATE: 3 March 2019


DESCRIPTION: Jesus goes out to love the lost and restore them to God and he calls us to rejoice with him and welcome them into Christ’s community.